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Secret Karma

I am sure you must have come across this question “Why does it always happen to me?” Either you or someone around you repeating the same statement again and again.

Ever wondered if you change the same question to a statement like “This should not happen to anyone else”. Well, this is one more way of accepting your agony however at the same time ensuring you earn some good Karma also.

Ever since childhood, my story has been a copy of an epic dramatic Bollywood movie. Where a child is separated from his parent, is raised by his relatives who constantly tell him to somehow go away, makes wrong choices in career as there is no guidance from family and friends, lives life without any goal etc. The only difference is that in movies, he becomes a hero and towards the end everything for him falls in place whereas in my story the hero is still struggling.

It was until last year when I realized I have failed in far too many things while trying to give purpose to my life that instead of crying out “why is it is always me?” I shouted, “Oh god, please don’t make anyone else’s life like mine”. I kept on repeating this every now and then and suddenly I realized that even while cribbing for my state, I am actually wishing better for others.

Somewhere in my heart I felt contended that at least I am praying for someone else to be better. With a little positivity and hope I have picked up myself and now I am trying to figure out new ways to make life beautiful. We all have this in us, all that we need is a trigger to change the way we perceive life.